In short: Martial Artist Concept Lover Unromantic Dreamy Theorist interested in the world on- and offline.

Background: I studied philosophy, logic and the theory of science at Munich University. While a scholar at Ecole normale supérieure, I specialized in the philosophy of art, did a Master at University Paris X and an MPhil at La Sorbonne. I gave classes to undergraduate students in philosophy at the Sorbonne and Sciences Po Poitiers, participated in projects at the artschool Villa Arson, gave classes at the artschool in Nancy, wrote for Art 21 and different public art-institutions mainly in France – as “my” magazine went bust I’m kind of looking for a new place to write about art. I now work at Ecole Estienne and Strate College, where I teach theory to future designers (and a couple of other schools you don’t want to know about).

Unless explicitly specified, the thoughts and opinions expressed here aren’t supposed to reflect anyone’s opinion but my own.

  1. Boris says:

    Love your blog. Conceptualizing the ordinary is just awesome! 🙂 Maybe imperfectionist.net is something for you, in any case, congrats to your site, keep it up, Boris

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