Three Favourite Logos

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Seeing
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These are three of my favourite logos .Is it obvious why I like them and think they are about as good as it get’s in logo design? It’s got something to do with how they minimalistically exemplifiy what they are about.

More precisely, the Focus Features logo visually exemplifies the opposite of what the word means, i.e. it exemplifies being out of focus. A visual effect troubles the reading and visually generates a meaning that is opposed to the meaning of the word it constitutes together with the other letters. It suggests difference and opposition. And Focus features was indeed involved in some of the best and surprising movies that I know.

The Desigual [Inequal] logo exemplifies inequality (of one among many), and suggests that this is what their apparel procures, which might well be true.

As for the Palomar5 logo it doesen’t really exemplify anything it means, but it shows that seeing as can exist for signs as well as pictures. That there’s not only visual seeing as, but that it also exists for conventional signs, or symbols. In a very large sense, one could say that it exemplifies creatively using what pre-exists, but that’s only part of what the project was about.

I find it interesting because of its relation to the seeing of aspects as theorized by Wittgenstein, which apparently doesn’t only exist for pictures like the famous duck-rabbit, but also for signs like the LO5 above.

Seeing as (or “seeing of aspects”) is a phenomenon I’ve been exploring for a while and I wrote about it before.

N.B. (There’s a fourth I couldn’t find. It’s from a American artist-founded house-painting company called “That’s paint” (the curator Steven Wright showed me some pictures of it) and a fifth I don’t find too bad for an engineering competition in problem-solving (or something like that). I would be interested in other suggestions along the same lines…


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